Our Helicopter Fleet

Here at Way To Go Heli Services our current helicopter fleet consists of:
  •  ZK HKW - Eurocopter (Squirrel) AS350BA carries up to 6 passengers
  •  ZK HXZ - Hughes 500D carries up to 4 passengers
  •  ZK IFK/ZK IXG/ZK HLV - Robinson R44 Raven II carries up to 3 passengers
  •  ZK IWK - Robinson R22
The AS350BA Squirrel, Hughes 500D and R44 are fitted with GSP Systems for absolute accuracy especially in agricultural spraying and topdressing around Christchurch and Canterbury.

The AS350BA, Hughes 500D and Robinson R22 are fitted with TracPlus automated SPS flight following systems that are constantly monitored. The Robinson R44 carries a portable TracPlus flight following system.

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