Way To Fly - Helicopter Flying Lessons

Introductory Training Flight

Take an introductory flight for a 'hands on' piloting experience. We will try to indulge your dreams by having the ultimate goal of having you actually fly the helicopter!!

Give someone you love the gift of flight - We are able to issue a voucher which we will send to you by email for you to print off and present or, depending on our availability, we can post it to you or you may pick it up during normal office hours. Please send us an email with full details of the voucher recipient, address for service and a contact number.

Please note, the student must be under 109kg.

Payment Details As Below:

Thirty minute Introductory Flight NZ$250.00 + GST
One hour Introductory Flight NZ$500.00 + GST

Payment by cash or cheque please. We do not have EFTPOS facilities. The best option is to direct credit our bank account.

Private/Commercial Pilot Training

Private Pilots Licence

The PPL is a recreational licence allowing you to fly helicopters for non-paying passengers.
It's perfect for those wanting the freedom to escape for the weekend, or to explore the countryside with friends on a day off.
A PPL licence requires a minimum of 50 hours helicopter flight time, during which you will learn navigation, mountain flying, confined area operations and all emergency procedures - no prior aviation experience is necessary. You'll also study exams for Navigation, Radio Procedures, Meteorology, Air Law, Technical Knowledge, and Human Factors.
All of our helicopter lessons and training is in accordance with NZ CAA regulations under Part 61, and applicants must be at least 17 years old to hold a PPL, however there is no maximum age limit.

Commercial Pilots Licence

The Commercial Helicopter Licence (CPL)H allows the holder to fly for hire or reward. Its what you will need if you want to continue flying as a career.

A CPL requires a minimum of 150 hours flight time all your time so far counts toward this and a further six exams. The helicopter lessons and flight training expands upon what you've learned in the PPL syllabus, as well as covering advanced mountain flying, further cross country flight, and sling load training.

The CPL helicopter training syllabus is taught in accordance with the NZ CAA regulations, and is concluded with a flight test by an independent CAA examiner. Upon completion the student will be issued with a New Zealand Commercial Helicopter Licence.

The flight training includes the following minimum hours and exams:
35 Hours Advanced Dual Instruction Navigation
35 Hours Solo Flight Time Aircraft Technical Knowledge
20 Hours Cross-Country Navigation Principles of Flight
10 Hours Sling Load Meteorology
10 Hours Mountainous Terrain Human Factors
10 Hours Night Air Law

Type Ratings

For any helicopter pilot to succeed in the demanding world of aviation, a variety of type ratings are a must. Most employers would look at employing a pilot who has obtained more than the required minimum for a Commercial Licence. Different type ratings will definitely help in obtaining that elusive first job.