BRaid Conservation

The team at Way To Go Heliservices are passionate about our stunning environment. Every day we get to fly over Braided Rivers unique to the Canterbury region. We are delighted to have partnered with the environmental trust BRaid who are raising awareness in the protection of the critically endangered Black-Billed Gulls and endangered Black-Fronted Terns. Our pilots are always on the look out for new colonies that can only be seen by air - sightings of these rare birds are then reported back to BRaid headquarters.
New Zealand’s braided rivers are a network of ever-changing channels between islands of gravels. They are home to an extraordinary diversity of birds, fish, invertebrates and plants that have adapted to live in this challenging and dynamic environment. Having evolved to live here, they depend on braided rivers for their survival. But they are increasingly under threat. And some are on the verge of extinction.
The Black-Billed Gulls are ‘Nationally Critical’ – which is just one step from extinction. They don’t receive the same attention as iconic species like kiwis, and yet, they are far more likely to vanish forever unless measures are taken, and taken very soon, to reverse this trend. Declining is an early warning alarm, signally something is wrong.
How you can help. Sightings and raising awareness are extremely valuable to the BRaid River team. If you are out and about and spot any of these birds, please do let us know so we can pass on the information. If you are a river user – be mindful of where you are driving or walking. Nesting birds are difficult to see.