Private Heavy Lifting Services

Using helicopters as aerial cranes has little to no impact on the ground and environment, and is faster, cheaper and often provides a higher degree of flexibility than ground cranes.

Ideal Aerial Lifting Platform

Heli crane helicopters are ideal for lifting tasks in numerous tricky lifting situations, including inner city work replacing air conditioning units on rooftops and factory sites, or residential and rural areas lifting pools, spa units, or removing trees from difficult or inaccessible locations. Helicopters are also useful for lifting loads over water obsticals or adverse terrain where loads have to be carried considerable distances.

We offer a lifting service to the construction & other industries, we are happy to work with you to tailor our helicopter services to meet your specific lifting job requirements, as we are aware that no two heli lift jobs are alike.

Available Operations

  •  Helicopter concrete pouring
  •  Helicopter tower construction and pole placement
  •  Seismic and drill rig construction and relocation
  •  Helicopter cable stringing of power poles
  •  Lifting air conditioning units by helicopter onto buildings
  •  Helicopters for site positioning of building materials
  •  Placement of signage and promotional aids
  •  Water tank positioning
  •  Spa & pool lifts by helicopter
  •  Housing frames and roof positioning


Positioning construction equipment by helicopter with pin-point accuracy requires helicopter pilots who are highly experienced and extremely competent. They undergo regular and thorough check and training procedures to maintain operational standards, ensure skill levels, and satisfy heli CAA requirements.

Our pilots fly helicopter operations on a day to day basis. Whether it be directing accurate helicopter water drops on bushfires, placing concrete kibbles into the hands of waiting ground crew, or threading a power pole through conductors into a pre-prepared hole, you can be assured our helicopter flight crew are second to none.

All helicopter lifting jobs are site inspected and subject to specific risk assessment criteria.

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